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We created this Ebook because those who purchase our products are mostly food and wine lovers. So we thought this would be a great help to all you food and wine lovers out there on some tips on great food and wine pairings. Grab your Ebook for free!!

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blue glasses  and sea theme food board

The vision

A glass is something used daily. Something you look at and touch constantly. What if your glass could uplift your spirits! Literally and emotionally! Our unique glassware can do just that! Art is something filled with emotion. Asili By Anika designs aim to make you feel joy in each moment... like in each sip. Plus life is too short for boring glasses right?

 Recommend products

We want to make your life easier! Gifting is a tricky business especially when the person has everything! Our gift hampers are unique and matching sets containing glassware, coasters and a food board. Great for his and her, as an anniversary, house warming, or any special occasion! What's best is you can personalise you glasses ! 

gift set
champagne glasses with personalised names

Make it extra special

A gift is special, but a personalised gift shows just how much you care. It makes it thoughtful.  

"You know a great gift when, each time the person uses it, they smile with a thought of thanks to the one that gifted it"

Amazing packaging

A great feedback often received is that our clients Loooveee the box, with, Anika's hand drawn logo, (yes she made it from scatch!) Of a cheetah holding a wine glass in its tail. It's quirky, but the gold and black box makes it sophisticated and exciting to gift. 

tinified gift box top.jpg

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