"My aim is to bring you the feeling of Joy in your everyday moments"


Anika Khurana, artist and founder of Asili by Anika

"Asili" means Nature in Kiswahili, the native language of Kenya, In East Africa.  Kenya is where "Anika",  the brains, heart and hands behind Asili by Anika grew up.


Initially an artist specialising in Acrylic painting on canvas, and having a background in textiles, It felt natural for her to make a transition in to a field that involved using resin and other media, and create beautiful products which have functionality, feel and texture.

The products that are made by Asili by Anika,  provide a purpose for your home. These products aim to add a tangent of beauty and uniqueness to your home and joy in your everyday activities, such as drinking from a glass or sharing snack plate with family and friends. 

All products are hand crafted using resin or other materials to create a functional product for your home, such as glassware, tableware and more. 

" Having a sip of wine, juice, or whisky will now feel like a beautiful artistic journey and expression. that is My aim to bring you joy in the everyday moments"