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Below are the range of collections I make.  

My name is Anika, nice to meet you! 
I work out of my home studio making foodboards, and my speciality glassware!
"Asili" means nature in Kiswahili, a Language from East Africa where I grew up.
So many of my influences are nature such as the sea, beaches, safaris, wildlife, fauna. and flora. 
However, I believe colour creates emotion, so I have separated each collection in to a colour theme, in relation to colour therapy or energy centers, "chakra's". What colour resonates with you or your home? 




blue stem glassware, blue theme homeware collection, blue theme food boards, blue them cheese knives

Travellers collection

For those who love cool blues,
travel, freedom, and speak their truth.
For beach lovers and free spirits! 

Image by Katie Harp
gold glass banner_edited.jpg

Power collection

Gold represents power, " bourgoise" and high class, it give that upgraded feeling to your evening of entertainment. Gold will never let you down it goes beautifully in any setting. 

Image by Alexander Mils
red gold full glass.jpg

Siren collection

Red is related to the root chakra, for those who, know who they are, are grounded, confident, easily attract what they desire. Ooze a sexy appeal that attracts the opposite sex.

Image by Dan Farrell
purple silver swirl full glass.jpg

 Mystic collection

For those who are empaths, intuitive, healers, and believe in a higher power. Purple lovers in tune with their 7th chakra. The crown Chakra

Image by Jamie Street

Wildlife photography collection

"Asili" means nature in Kiswahili, the local language of East Africa, where I grew up. Every time I travel back home to Mombasa, Kenya, and am lucky enough to go on safari, I create these memories.

Image by Kelli Tungay
tiger board set 3.jpg

Art boards and gift sets

Now you can customise your idea on your food board. Do you have a favourite theme? Or you like the theme you see? You can now buy them for your home or as a gift for your loved one. 

Image by Adrien Olichon
black board with goblet glasses.jpg

Classic collection

For those sophisticated, and confident, who know what they want, who are focused and take huge pride in their home.

Image by Nico Frey
rose wine and board.jpg

Pure collection

Those who love purity, minimalism, classic white soft tones. Believes in angels and self development. 

Image by vickholius nugroho
Green Gold full glass 2.jpg

Nature collection

For those who are passionate about outdoors, love being out in nature, who are adventurous. Have a love all living creatures. Who are compassionate, caring, loving, giving and kind. 

Image by Heather Ford

 Candy collection

Pastels are so much fun, they appeal to the fun loving, softer side of us. For those who just want to have fun, be happy and squeeze a soft toy at night!

Image by Kelli Tungay
Untitled design (8).png

Wall art collection

Introducing a blend of nature and geode art, using media such as acrylic paints and resin, with details of stones and glitter.

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